“If you’re looking to improve the way you communicate look no further than Ric Phillips! He has finely tuned his own speaking abilities and can help you do the same. He’s an amazing coach, a great guy, and has a solution that can help you get results!”

Derrick Sweet, Exec. Director, Professional Speakers Federation

“On behalf of York Regional Police, the Training and Education Bureau would like to express our sincerest thanks to Ric and 3V Communications for their hard work and determination in providing communication coaching and language tutoring to our officers.”

Fmr Chief of Police Armand La Barge

“I appreciate your coaching, your professionalism, your listening skills and your understanding of where I am coming from and need to be.”

Erica H, H.R. Manager, FUEL Advertising Inc.

“I wanted to focus on advanced ESL, Accent Reduction and work on my speaking rhythm. I now feel more prepared for interviews, meetings etc. regarding content, voice and gestures. TRY IT! It’s customized coaching.”

Sandrine B., INRA Paris (travelled to Toronto for 1-on-1 coaching)

“I can’t wait to share the great news with you that I won the Breakthrough Award yesterday at my Dale Carnegie class! I restructure my story as you suggested and applied the body language you taught me. My classmates were very impressed and voted me as the winner of the night. I think the credit goes to you. Without your help and inspiration, I would never get there.”

Grace Gu, Customer Relations Manager, Visa Canada

“Ric is a professional and competent communication coach. Our company has hired him for a public speaking engagement and also we have recommended him to other organizations for seminars and other communication coaching services. I am happy to see his business evolve and can vouch for his passion for his business.”

Andrew Patricio, Co-founder of BizLaunch, VP of Training

“I was looking for one-on-one coaching that would give me tools to improve my pronunciation as well as communication skills. The coaching program helped me to identify areas that required my attention when communicating. It also gave me some tools that I believe will help me with my career growth. The material was good and useful. I think that the tongue twisters and minimum pair samples are very helpful with pronunciation improvement. I will say that Ric is the right coach. He builds the training program around the candidates’ needs to help achieve their goals.”

Lior Yefet, Sr. Manager, Rogers IT

“I found Ric back in 2002 when I had a desire to seriously work on reducing my accent. The one-on-one coaching tremendously helped, and my confidence went way up. I highly recommend Ric’s coaching. It will increase employment potential, allow for easier assimilation into the Canadian work environment, and increase your earning potential personally.”

Abdurrehman M., CA, VP at Scotiabank

“Since I have been working with Ric, I have been surprised by the wide spectrum of communication, more than I had thought. Ric is competent at covering that communication spectrum and a pleasure to work with.”

Jeffrey Smith • President, Winters Instruments

“I was looking to improve my informal communication skill to build more relationships with colleagues, such as small talk in the hallway, introductory talks in a meeting and lunch room jokes etc. After I joined this program, I started to improve my communication skills not only with my colleagues, but also with anyone in my social life. Communication skill goes beyond your workplace. Recently, I attended a conference; and I can clearly see improvement in my communication skills and how I interact with other professionals. The improvement is definitely related with this course. The best thing I can get from this coaching is that I realize what I was lacking and realize that I have to work hard to close that communication gap. Your techniques are helpful, and since I am the only one in the session, all the assumptions, discussions as well as questions apply based on my own needs. That was the advantage.”

Abel M. Gebreyesus, BA, MHI
, Health Care Industry
, Data Management Coordinator
, FHC-TCHC (Members of AOHC)
 Toronto, ON

“I was looking for help to improve my accent and to communicate more efficiently and professionally. I am now able to pronounce certain vowels/consonants that I was not able to do before. I handle customer complaints and conflict management at work better. The handouts, textbook and CDs are good. There is a unique market of Asian people who struggle with their accent. Your sessions are practical and interesting.”

Cathy Chen, Trustee in Bankruptcy/CPA, A Farber & Partners Inc.

“I was looking to develop more confidence and competence in both general conversations and public speaking. This coaching program helped me both personally and professionally, more so in terms of personal growth. I highly recommend Ric. He not only can help people to lose their fear of public speaking, but can also get them excited about giving a presentation.”

Dr. David Reyhanian, Dentist, Toronto, ON

“Thank you again for offering me this great learning opportunity to improve my communication skills. Through these eight sessions, I’ve learned a lot of useful concepts as well as practical skills. It definitely helped improving my self-awareness and confidence. The tailored coaching fit my busy schedule and offered convenience as well. It helped me understand that communication is not only about language. It opened the door for me to improve communication skills. Thank you.”

Judy Z., CGA, MBA, Toronto Hydro Corp.

“I wanted to improve my business communication skills and to reduce accent, as understanding the problems, socializing the findings and presenting the solutions via client communication are the key in management consulting business. After research of and interviews with several trainers, I chose Ric as my coach given the structured approach, flexible schedule and quality coaching he offered. The 8-week program was tailored to address specific areas I needed to improve, based on an assessment session Ric conducted on me at our first meeting (and it was free!). Then in each coaching session, Ric and I worked on some focus areas through conversation, presentation or role-play. Besides the professionalism Ric exhibited during the coaching, I think he did a good job in adding colors to the program by blending the Canadian cultural and business context with his overseas experience. As a result and thanks to Ric, I came out of the program with a better mastery of communication skills and understanding of business culture in Canada.”

Jack Chen, Consultant with RBC

“I signed up for the Accent Reduction program. It helps me know more about my accent and how to deal with it so I can speak clearly. I believe accent reduction training is effective. It gave me a good guideline about future practice too. If a person has a strong accent, the earlier they get to the training, the better!”

Preston Chan, Junior Accountant, Toronto

“I needed to communicate more effectively and build rapport with co-workers and new acquaintances. Private coaching has helped me break down and understand a more step-by-step process to communications, so they are easy to understand and apply to everyday life. These techniques will be very valuable at work and in interpersonal life events. Very good value of service!”

Lisa B., Nutritionist, Gymnastics Coach, Thornhill, ON

“I was attracted to the individualized approach, starting with an assessment. I needed to improve my speaking skills e.g. gestures, impromptu speaking, confidence. The coaching has helped me to improve my overall confidence levels, and provided me with strategies for problem-solving. It was a good money investment. Learning to be confident is one of the most important life skills everyone should acquire.”

C. Johnson, Registered Dietitian, Hamilton

“At first, I did not know exactly what I was looking for – but when I saw this web site I knew what it was – a soft skill improvement course. One of the important things I learned is how to react to unfair comments or situations in a “civilized way”– so that I do not feel bad about my reaction after, and I do not over-react either. In his program, Ric assembled a variety of topics creating a concise summary that covers a vast amount of different issues. Each of them was provided with references, should you like/need to study any of them further. We all have something to improve, to say the least. In my case, it changed my life experience.”

Maria, Software Programmer, Toronto

“I interviewed other trainers, but went with Ric because he offered flexibility in terms of time, length of course and location. At the same time, the materials used in session were tailored to my needs. It really helped to improve my pronunciation and communication skill. I highly recommend him. It was well worth the money invested.”

Elaine S. Forex Trader, Toronto

“Thanks to Worldmark Corporation I had a great opportunity to participate in a 6-week Business English course kindly presented by Ric. During our classes I improved significantly my language and communication skills. My personal view is that I succeeded in training some English phonetics and specific oil & gas vocabulary. We spent a lot of time working out our Business English oral skills. Excellent course. Owing to Ric I developed some new personal skills and became more sure and confident in communicating with native English speakers.”

Ilya M. Petrichenko, Director Economic and Planning Department WorldMark Corp./OTO, Moscow, Russia

“I liked the one on one rather than the group because I could comfortably get help for my issues and not feel embarrassed. I have now been given the tools to communicate better both professionally and personally. I also have the material to re-read and put into use what I’ve learned. I know the tools will make my life better. I recommend Ric highly to anyone. He brings enlightenment without criticism and makes the environment relaxed so you can get the most out of the service.”

E. Hooey, Analyst, Toronto, ON

“I have improved my accent, improved my confidence in social speaking events as well as professional meetings and presentations. Ric will open doors for you, as lack of communication skills is one of the major barriers in career growth, especially to an immigrant. Hard skills are not enough.”

Mahmood Marfatia, CA, CPA Toronto, ON & Dubai, UAE

“Many people can teach English, but not many can teach real communication. English is just one tool of communication. While I was in Canada I realized that Asia and the West have big differences in working lifestyles. In Canada it’s important to show confidence, body language, socializing with boss and co-workers, etc.”

K. Takahashi, Honda Trading Co., Tokyo, Japan

“I wanted to develop my presentation skills, so when I heard about Ric and his 3V Communication Coaching I immediately contacted him. When I met Ric and saw him present at our office I was impressed, so wanted to continue with his coaching style, both personally and for our company.”

Ifti Yusoof, Director, Finance & Accounting, GRMSI

“I wanted a coach who could concentrate on me, and explain my problems clearly. After working with Ric I have improved! He identified exactly what my problem was with detailed explanations, even explaining the bio-mechanics of the mouth, voice, lips, teeth, etc. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs to improve their accent and shyness. He’s a multi-talented coach, with great presentation skills.”

Devi S. Accounting Dept. Manager at Ontario College of Teachers

“I have always had self-esteem and confidence issues. Ric works with me with a kind smile and encouraging words. He has helped boost my self-esteem by encouraging my strengths and helping overcome some of my weaknesses. Ric can be brutally honest, while at the same time being truly supportive and caring. It is exactly what you need in a coach, trainer or mentor.”

Jolene T., Toronto, ON

“I am over 40, and have entered the dating scene again. I needed some coaching on the new dating rules, how to build attraction, and how to understand women better. What I learned was more about myself! It was great to have a coach to help you regain confidence and take on new challenges, like speed-dating! I am much more prepared to interact and make a good first impression. My advice to single, unsure people out there – hire a coach! It is worth the small investment. Thank you.”

John D., Mississauga, ON

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Accounting & Finance

A Farber & Partners CIBC HOPP - Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan ING Direct Canada RBC VISA Canada


OCT - Ontario College of Teachers YEDI - York Entrepreneurship Development Institute


CRA - Canada Revenue Agency D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP M. Abravani Immigration & Paralegal Services MGS - Ministry of Government Services – Ontario OBA - Ontario Bar Association The City of Mississauga York Regional Police Services


Flemingdon Health Centre SickKids Hospital TAIBU Community Health Centre


FUEL Advertising Inc. NEM - National Event Management Rogers Communications Inc. Super Sonics Productions Inc.

Real Estate

Granite Club – Toronto Mares Success Ltd. – Real Estate & Business Development Polaris Realty (Canada) Ltd. Skyline Investments Inc. Hotels & Resorts

Science & Technology

Adeprina & INRA Paris Biovail Contract Research Experchem Laboratories OTO (Oil Technology Overseas) – Moscow, Russia Siemens Tetra Pak Canada Inc. Toronto Hydro Corporation Winters Instruments

Non-Profit Organizations

YES Toronto’s BizStart Entrepreneur Training Program PPF – Pakistani Professionals Forum of Canada